Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just stay little!

This past week, the universe has seemed determined to bombard me with signs that my babies are not going to be babies forever!
Last Monday, I went to an informational meeting for parents of kids going to first grade. First grade! Jack will be a first grader in just a few weeks!!! How can this tiny baby be getting ready for first grade!?!?

That same day, Harry started tumbling class. He has been asking to start tumbling pretty much since he really started talking. (The first thing he said on his birthday was, "I'm three now. I go to tumbling today.") He loves it, though he does not exactly listen to everything his teacher tells him! He is soooo excited to do "big boy" things, just like Jack!

And TODAY is exactly one week until Addie turns one! How is that even possible?!?! Despite my mental planning of her party for months, I have been slacking on actually doing too much for it. Like maybe if I don't, she'll just stay a baby. This week, I actually started to buy things for the party, so I guess I'm giving in to the inevitable. For her part, Addie is totally excited about growing up so fast. She spends most of her time pulling up and thinking about standing without help. She is tentatively trying to cruise around, and she has figured out how to actually crawl, more than the scoot-drag she has already perfected.

On an unrealated note, this year Jack and Harry were super excited about April Fool's Day. (I'm guessing from school?) Jack kept asking if we could have an April Fool's Day party. Instead, I made a tricky dinner for them. I was really happy with how it turned out! I made these "cupcakes" and this "chicken not-pie". The cupcakes were super easy to make, and really fooled the kids! Jack took a big swipe of the icing with his finger, made a face, and asked why the icing tasted like mashed potatoes. When I was food coloring the mashed potatoes, I was hoping for a pale orange. I added the red before realizing I was almost out of yellow. The final product kind of looked like Play-doh, but it still tasted good and fooled the kiddos! The pot pie dessert was a little more invovled to make. (Rolling the Starbursts into "vegetables" was pretty sticky, and took forever!) But it looked really realistic! The downside was that the lemon candies kind of overpowered the vanilla flavor of the pudding. I still thought it tasted yummy, but Jack and Cory, not so much.

The pot pie mixture:
The meatloaf cupcakes:

Ready to eat!
Jack and Harry digging in!

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  1. what a fun idea!
    i'm struggling with the growing up kiddos too.
    I can't believe Addie will be one already! that doesn't seem right!


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