Friday, April 15, 2011

Addie is one!!!

It seems hard to believe, but on Wednesday, Addie turned one! I don't think it's any secret that I LOVE to plan the kids' birthday parties. I start thinking about them months in advance. In fact, I strated thinking about Addie's before she was born, but stopped myself before I became too crazy!

Planning for Addie to turn one has been different, though, than with Jack
and Harry. And not just because I get to plan a ridiculously girly party! Addie turning one is kind of bittersweet. While I'm excited that she is growing and thriving and perfect, it's a little sad for me to think that I will never plan a first birthday party again. All of her firsts have had that feeling. It's so exciting that she is crawling and pulling up! But, there won't be the excitement of watching another baby reach these milestones. When she takes her first steps, it will be the last time a baby takes first steps in our house. I am determined to enjoy and cherish every one of the "last firsts."

Since I love a birthday party though, her party plans are in full swing. (Expect a post with LOTS of pictures after it :) ) On her birthday, we celebrated by going to the nature center with playgroup, having a picnic lunch with Daddy, and a special dinner with cake and presents at home. It really was perfect,(just like Addie!) so it's hard to feel too sad!

Here are a bunch of pictures from her birthday!
At the nature center

Birth minute

Her first doll

Her first Barbie from her brothers

Her name collage and hair clip holder
Cake time!

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