Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"New to You" book giveaway!

In my continuing quest to always get stuff out of my house, I came across some books that I'd be willing to part with. They are good books and all; I just don't feel the need to read them again, or hold onto them. (I'll be honest, a few of them I didn't read all the way, but I'm trying to declutter!) There will be four winners! Tell your friends!

Book Pack #1
This is a group of mommy books. (The links lead to their Amazon descriptions.) You will win Life on Planet Mom, The Mommy Diaries, and,breathe.

Book pack #2 is a kid's pack. You will win Martha Speaks: Play Ball, The Joy of Juggling, and The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Children's Edition. You will also get a pack of kids' goodies from Xlear.

Book pack #3 is from Read It Forward. (If you haven't signed up for Read It Forward yet, you should. They give away free books every week! I've been chosen for three in just the past few months!) You will win Frankenstein's Monster and Radio Shangri-La.

Book pack #4 is random. You will win The Girl in Hyacinth Blue (This one had a tear on the cover that I taped.) and Ethan Frome and Other Short Fiction.
How to Win!!!!
I will draw a winner on Monday, May 2 (I'll forget about it if I try to do it before Addie's birthday party!) All you need to do is 1. Become a follower of the blog and 2. Comment on this post with your top 3 choices, in order, of the book packs you would choose. After I pick the winners, you can email me or message me on Facebook where to send your prize! Yay for reading!!!


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