Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer Work Goals

A couple of weeks ago, I shared our summer fun list. We also have a list of goals for the summer.

1. Read a chapter book each week and write a book report about it. I found a good template for book reports on Pinterest. You can find it here.

2. Complete his summer school work binder. I printed a variety of math, writing, and English worksheets from This is an awesome resource for worksheets categorized by grade level and subject. You have to set up an account, but it is free. This is the second summer we've used this website for Jack's summer work packet.

3. Help around the house more. He is now responsible for putting away his own laundry, cleaning his room each morning, and (with Harry's help) making sure the playroom is clean before we go out for the day.

1. Learn to write his name

2. If number one works out well, learn to write the rest of the alphabet.

3. If the first two go well, start Hooked on Phonics Kindergarten. (I think 2 and 3 will become fall and winter goals!)

1. Get potty trained!!! It's day two of trying. I have to admit it's partly for selfish motives. This is earlier than I potty trained the boys, but I think she might be ready, and I have $15 in Amazon gift cards that Purex sent me for Mother's Day. I really want to use it to buy Shadow of Night for my Kindle instead of using it for diapers.

Whole Family:
1. Keep the house clean (This is mostly my goal, and having Jack pitch in more is helping. But I'm not doing a super great job with this...)

2. Do an art or science activity with the kids each week. This is going okay. Last week we made invisible ink from The Dangerous Book for Boys. I guess we have until tomorrow to do something for this week!

3. Do something fun as a family, all five of us, at least once a week. This isn't really work, but it is tricky to work out with Cory's schedule. This week, we went to see Brave.

Last week, we were able to check watching the cinematic gem, Scooby Doo Meets Batman, off of our Summer Fun List.


  1. Sounds like a plan! My only real goals for the summer are to finish this year of homeschooling and work in the yard to get a lot of stuff cleared out and thrown away.

  2. Your list looks a lot like ours. Other than potty training, Asher show no interest what so ever:)


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