Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer Fun List!

Memorial Day weekend, I had the kids make a list off what kinds of fun things they wanted to do this summer. I am just now getting around to sharing it. We are going to do our very best to do as many as possible. Here's the list!

1. Swim (We have already done this, but we will definitely swim more!)
2. Go to Aunt Jane's house (I should probably let her know...)
3. Go to Aunt Elaine's house (I'm sensing a theme.)
4. Go to a National Park (Yeah Jack! And he actually said "parks.")
5. Go to the zoo. (We have already done this. You can read about it here.)
6. Camp
7. Do the Summer Reading Program at the library.
8. Watch "Scooby Doo Meets Batman. (This is one of Jack's. If anyone has a copy to lend us, let me know please!)
9. Go to the circus (This was Harry's. I'll need to check if it's actually possible.)
10. Have a water balloon fight

They had a few other suggestions that pretty much couldn't happen (like go to Disney World - I wish!- and buy a real magic wand that really does magic) so I decided not to include those on the list :)


  1. I would check the library or inter-library loan for scooby & batman. This sounds like one Logan would enjoy as well!

    1. Done! I wouldn't have thought about doing that. Thanks!!!


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