Saturday, June 2, 2012

Little Slugger

Jack had his first hit of the season at his baseball game last night. It was pretty much right in front of the plate, and he looked a little shocked after he hit it. After a moment, he took off for first base. He made it, but instead of stopping, he didn't even pause and went straight for second base, despite his coaches telling him to stay at first base. His hit definitely wasn't a double, but he nearly made it before being tagged out. When Cory went over and asked him why he kept running, he matter-of-factly said, "Because I wanted to have a home run." It was such an awesome answer, that Cory didn't have the heart to tell him that he should have stopped at first. He just told Jack that he had done great. Later, after the came and a celebretory half price bakery treat and pack of gum from Walmart, I tried to nonchalantly mention that next time he should stop at first base and wait for the coach to tell him if he should keep running or not. It felt kind of wrong though, like it might be soul crushing for a little kid not to go for a home run every time. So I guess we'll see what he does next time he gets a hit. I don't think I mind if he's the kind of kid who gets tagged out for going for a home run every time. It's seems like a good philosophy to apply to life in general. And who knows, maybe he will get a home run.

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  1. What a great answer! I'm so glad that he is willing to play with all of his heart, it is a wonderful quality! Tony just finished his 4th season of baseball and it is always such a treat to watch the kids that really play with all of their heart!


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