Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Miss Adeline turns two!

It seems unbelievable to me, but almost a month ago, baby girl turned two! Wasn't she just born, and how could it already be a month since her birthday?!?! Despite my best efforts, she keeps trying to stop being a baby. Sigh. My borderline crazy love of planning birthday parties helped lessen the sting a little. Since Little Miss has strong opinions of what she likes and wants already, I decided to go all out with a theme that I chose, since this is the last year I will probably have any say in what kinds of birthday parties the children have. Pinterest had sooo many cute rainbow party ideas, so a rainbow party it was! Unfortunately, the weather did not cooperate, so the party was held at our church instead of the backyard, but my friend Mandy told me she saw a rainbow after the party, so that was pretty neat! The kids played, gorged themselves on colorful candy, and had a pretty good time, I think. And all the moms were super thrilled that I forced them to take candy and marshmallows home with them and gleefully plied their children with the cavity inducing rainbow punch (Koolaid ice cubes in Sprite. Healthy.) Thank you to everyone who came to celebrate with Addie!!! Here are the pictures!!! Here is the sweets table!
The cake that Cory made!

And Finally.... The Birthday Girl!!!

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