Monday, April 30, 2012

thank you

A little over a week ago, it was the one month anniversary of Harry coming home. I had hoped to do this then, but didn't get to it. The next day, while we were at Celebration, a girl we didn't know approached us and said, "Is this Harry? I've been praying for you." It was a pretty amazing moment, and made me think how much I needed to this this. And finally, eight days later, it's getting done. Actual thank you notes are in the works, and will hopefully be done sometime this week, but I still wanted to thank everyone who has been so wonderful during this whole ordeal.

My kids are lucky enough to be blessed with the greatest aunts this world has ever seen. Erica and Aunt Elaine literally flew across the country, more than once, to take care of Jack and Addie. They took them on two hour plus road trips on the weekends so Cory and I could see them. Aunt Jane and Uncle Todd were at the hospital when the helicopter landed, when Cory and I couldn't be. They staked us out a spot in the family lounge, and ran all the ridiculousy crazy errands I thought of (like going to more than one store in search of rainbow Twizzlers!) (Also, a big thanks to Nick for hanging out with Jack.) And Sara brought "The Blue Power Ranger" that pretty much got Harry through every sucky thing he had to go through, and also ninja-ed more than one doctor. Thank you all.

We are so, so grateful for the wonderful grandmothers that our children have. Both my mom and Cory's mom used A LOT of their vacation time to take care of Jack and Addie. One of them was with us in the hospital with Harry pretty much all the time. At one point, my mom was probably starting to forget what her own house looked like. We all love you both, and appreciate all that you do.

Melinda, Steph, and Holly, you are truly like sisters to me. Thank you for everything: watching the not yet litter trained kitten, chauffeuring Jack everywhere, installing and reinstalling carseats, and much, much more. Thank you to all my friends and Moms for Moms members for feeding my family and for all that you did.

Our church family at Central has been completely amazing. Thank you to everyone there. Also, thank you to the extremely generous and understanding Charleston Police Department and FOP.

Big thanks to Cory's uncle, Dave, and everyone at Wilson Tire Shop, Kansas United Methodist Church, Prarie State Bank and Trust, the Charleston Firefighters, everyone at Harry's school and EIASE, the Springfield ATF office, Charleston Family Practice, and many, many more. Thank you to all my Carlinville friends, and The Card Girls, and all of our families. We are also so thankful for all the wonderful doctors and nurses at St. Louis Children's Hospital. We appreciate the hundreds of thoughts, prayers, and gifts from literally all over the world. We will be eternally grateful for all of you.

Finally, we are so thankful to God for blessing us with this sweet boy four years ago and for bringing him back to us.



  2. God Bless you each and you are an amazing strong family!! We love you


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