Wednesday, March 7, 2012

the sweetest little three year old in the world becomes the sweetest little four year old in the world

It's 4:45 am, and Harry is sleeping, really sleeping, not the sedative induced sleep he's had for the past few weeks, peacefully. Some time after this is all over, I'll probably reflect on it and thank everyone here. But right now, I'm going to tell you all about this sweet boy's birthday. His illness started a week to the day after his party, and in the mad rush of worry, prayer, heartbreak, and difficult decisions, I haven't had time or felt comfortable taking time to share all about it. But things are definitely on the upswing now, so here are all the details of his special day.

Harry loooves Wild Kratts, so he decided that he wanted a Wild Kratts party months ago. The easiest place to have an animal centered party, and a place he loves to go anyway, is the nearby nature center. So, the planning began! The most important part of transforming into a Wild Kratt is the Creature Power Suit. So armed with t-shirts from the Dollar Tree, bargain bin fabric from Walmart, and my hot glue gun, I made the special vests for each party guest. Harry wanted a green suit so he could be Chris, rather than Martin, who wears blue. Harry's next request was to play bingo, and he also wanted to incorporate cheetahs, so the kids earned cheetah Creature Power Badges for playing. The two other games he chose were the cocoon game (each team wrapped their caterpillar in crepe paper. Once all the covered, the kid who was the caterpillar broke free as a butterfly!) and the bumble bee game, (the kids popped balloons filled with prizes. Big thanks to our PBS station for providing the Wild Kratts stickers.) This was a good alternative to a pinata in an indoor space. Then we had the amazing cake that Cory made. (I'm so glad he is so good and creative with the kids cakes, because I am not!) And he opened his presents. Then it was time to run around and "be cwazy" in the nature center. Harry had so, so much fun. Thank you to everyone who made his birthday so special. We love you all.
Here are some pictures of my sweet boy and his party.

Here are some websites that gave me ideas:
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  1. Awesome Jessica! Thank you for sharing! The suits look great and you are right Cory did do an awesome job on the cake! I am not a talented cake person myself! Nana usually does ours!

  2. So glad you are feeling up to writing. My kids had a great time at the party! As always your party planning skills are amazing! I can't wait to see what you do for Harry's coming home party!

  3. It was a great party - Maddie had loads of fun! I agree - can't wait to see what you do for Harry's coming home party :)


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