Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A Good Month for Harry

In no particular order, here are my favorite Harry moments from the month of May.
* He hasn't had an appointment in St. Louis since May 1.
* During the last two weeks of school, he didn't cry when I dropped him off.
* He needed to have his fingernails cut. (Yay for fingernails!)
* His trachiostomy site is healed enough for him to swim, which is pretty much all he wants to do. And he decided today that he is okay not constantly wearing a band-aid on it.
* He hasn't had any nightmares about his eyes.
* He "graduated" from physical therapy yesterday.
* He had his first t-ball game last night. (He batted once, and I cried. He went to outfield, and he cried. After many attempts at convincing him to keep playing, he really wanted to go home. We'll try again on Thursday. Baby steps.)
* He told my mom's friend, Cathy, "Grandma gives me whatever I want." (Or "Gwamma gibs me whateber I want.") Not SJS related, but pretty funny and one of my favorite things he did this month :)
Next up for him is another eye procedure on June 6th. He's had several of these, so we know what to expect. Hopefully, he won't have to have too many more.
(P.S. Don't forget the cereal giveaway that ends on Friday.)


  1. Great Job Harry, you are making huge strides!!

  2. What a brave and wonderful little boy!! What a blessing he is!

  3. Yay for Harry and for you. Baby steps, indeed. They are huge steps for a little boy who has been to the edge and brought back in the arms of Angels by the mercy and direction of God. This blessing still puts me in awe and makes me know that our prayers make a difference.

    I got to hold Harry as a baby and hope to see him again when our visits back to TCCC cross. Blessings always...


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