Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Snow Day!

Yesterday was the third snow day the kids have had this year. The first two were pretty good, but yesterday was the best because there was waaay more snow than the earlier ones. I love snow days! They are better than a normal weekend because they are a surprise day off. A whole, unplanned day open for fun! The snow this time was perfect. The kids played outside more than they have in months. They made snowmen, had snowball fights, jumped on the snowy trampoline, and had a great time. We had an impromptu playdate at a friend's house, and the kids played outside so much that it almost felt like summer. Except for, you know, the eight inches of snow on the ground. We made homemade hot chocolate, apple juice snow slushies, and snow ice cream. It was the perfect way to (hopefully) say goodbye to winter.

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