Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

Due to a germ invasion at our house, all of the kiddos missed out on the Read Across America Day/Dr. Seuss's birthday celebrations at their schools. So, on Saturday night, the kids and I had our own little celebration! It started with Jack reading One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish to the little kids while I got dinner started. Then, while it was cooking, we made some Seuss-y crafts. We made truffula tree crafts inspired by this idea. (Harry asked if they could paint. I grudgingly said yes. As I was getting the super messy washable paints off the craft shelf, I ran across the $.88 watercolor set I bought at back to school time and forgot about. Painting with less mess and happy kids! Yay!) And we made paper "Cat in the Hat" hats. (We used some of Addie's stretchy headbands instead of making paper bands. Jack was VERY distressed at the thought of anyone thinking he wanted to wear a girl headband. So, for the record, Jack did not want to wear a girl headband and only used one as a hat holder.)

After the crafts, we had a special "picnic" dinner in the living room while watching The Lorax. The kids are always super excited when they get to eat in the living room, so this was probably their favorite part! Our Dr. Seuss themed menu included: green eggs and ham sandwiches, (deviled eggs with the filling dyed green and a modified version of these delicious ham sandwiches that were not green. Even though, when I thought he might be able to go to school on Friday, I made Harry promise that he would take at least one bite of the green eggs and ham at school and made him watch a video of Green Eggs and Ham on YouTube since we don't have the book{Sorry Dr. Seuss!}, the thought of eating green ham kind of weirded me out too. I digress.) We also had Cat in the Hat fruit kabobs that Jack called thing-a-ma-bobs, a "green egg" pudding treat, Cat in the Hat Jello cups, and some veggies. (No theme or anything. They just needed to eat some veggies.) The fruit kabobs and pudding "eggs" were the favorites. We had a great time at our impromptu party! I got most of the ideas here.

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