Wednesday, January 30, 2013


So, the one big thing that Jack wanted to do over Christmas break was have a sleepover. Actually, he wanted to have three sleepovers: two at our house with different friends, and one over at a friends house. But partly because it seemed like this was the shortest Christmas break ever, and partly because it seemed like either my kids or Jack's friends were constantly sick, and never at the same time, no sleepovers happened. We actually had an "attempted sleepover," but Jack's buddy got sick and had to go home around 9:00.

After many weeks of Jack praying for the sleepover to happen soon, (Literally. Every night.) it finally happened last weekend. Apparently, having a sleepover is the best way to know that: A) You are a big kid, because only babies can't have sleepovers. And B) You are best buds, because you wouldn't want to have a sleepover with someone you didn't like. The boys watched movies, played video games, ate junk food, and stayed up waaay past bedtime. And they were (mostly) cool with their little tag-along, Harry. (Cute Harry side story: The big kids asked if they could bring drinks up to Jack's room. I told them yes, but to be careful. They went into the kitchen to get cups saying that they wouldn't spill because they were so big, and that there was no way that they would ever, ever, ever, use a sippy cup. Harry came to me and told me he needed to ask me something. He whispered in to my ear, "I want a sippy cup so I don't spill, but I don't want them to know." He's so cute!!! Anyway, no drink casualties to report.) A great time was had by all :)

I've been contemplating the allure of sleepovers, since I would say it has been Jack's top request as far as playing with friends go. (Harry has been asking too, though when he realized that it meant sleeping at a different house than me, he was less insistent.) I think I understand now. You get to stay up all night with your friends, having fun and watching movies while someone (in this case, me) constantly replenishes your snack and pop supply and cleans up after you. I think that having a sleepover sounds pretty awesome. I should try to arrange one with my friends soon! Preferably in a place without children and with room service. And a spa. Who's in?

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