Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Maggie Stiefvater Day!!!

So, a few weeks ago (when I started typing this, it originally said last week, but I am just now finishing it!), my bff, Steph, and I went on an awesome kid free day trip to see one of our favorite authors, Maggie Stiefvater! If you are wondering to yourself who she is, do yourself a favor and start reading The Scorpio Races right now. Then read all of her other books. Then come back and finish reading this post, which will be like, tomorrow, because you won't be able to stop reading. You're welcome. Seriously, she could write her interpretation of the phone book, and I'm sure I would find it amazing.

Okay, back to the trip... Our awesome husbands took time off of work (Thanks Cory and Jake!) so we could have a kid free day of awesomeness. (Warning: I am probably going to use the word "awesome" A LOT in this post.) We left around 11:00, (without kids; have I mentioned that?) traveling in style, ie: not in a minivan, thanks to Steph's fab mom, Debbie. We stopped and ate lunch at a real restaurant with real adult conversation, and then we were back on the road.

We arrived at the mall with the book shop in plenty of time, so we enjoyed some kid free shopping (which, ironically, mostly involved buying stuff for the kiddos.) We stopped by the book shop, Barbara's Bookstore, and bought our copies of The Raven Boys, from a very helpful and enthusiastic bookseller, who I thought might have been Barbara herself. (Not 100% on that at all though!) She was excited that we had driven such a long way and let us reserve front row seats. She said it was her first time reserving seats for a book signing! She also recommended a yummy nearby Italian restaurant for dinner, Salerno's Pizza.

Finally, it was time for the book event! Maggie and Libba Bray were so funny, and nice, and genuine. They obviously had the whole doing signings together thing down pat, and everything about it was awesome. Steph and I even won a prize for traveling the farthest to be there! It was a still that Maggie drew for the book's animated trailer, that she made herself. Overall, it was an epic day, and pretty impressive that we decided to go and got everything arranged in less than two weeks, since we normally have to plan about a month in advance if we want to go to a movie or Starbucks or whatever. I'm gonna throw in another awesome right here. AWESOME!!!!

Oh, and The Raven Boys is also awesome!

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