Monday, August 20, 2012

Jack's Super Mario Bros. Birthday!

Jack's birthday was almost a month ago! It's hard to believe that he's already seven! Now that he's old enough to pick his own themes, I was a little worried I end up having to plan parties for stuff I can't stand, but he's done a good job picking fun themes. Last year he wanted a Harry Potter party. This year, he wanted a Mario Brothers party. I think it turned out pretty great :)

The first thing we did was have every guest get their picture taken with the backdrop. Mario and Luigi costumes were optional. I got the idea for the backdrop here. I thought it turned out pretty cute. As soon as I get around to it, each guest will get their own photo as their thank you card.

Jack specifically requested that we play a fireball game, so I wrapped prizes in alternating layers of orange constrution paper and foil. The kids played "Fireball Toss" which was like Hot Potato, but you unwrapped a layer when the music stopped. Whoever unwrapped the last layer won the prize. (I found a Mario playlist on Spotify with songs from the video games that worked great for the game.) The other game was a Mario treasure hunt. I hid different Mario themed items in the backyard for the kids to find. The prizes were fireballs (red puffcorn,) sugar cookies decorated like "One-Up" mushrooms, star power (star stickers), gold coins (chocolate coins,) glow sticks, flashlight rings, turtle shells (mini containers filled with candy and decorated like turtle shells,) and Yoshi eggs (balloons filled with treats.) I put a piece of brown construction paper with a question mark on it on each stop of the treasure hunt. The kids had fun, and the treasures served as their treat bags.

There were lots of fun Mario themed snacks, too. (After the party, I realized I forgot to make the marshmallow/apple mushrooms. Grr.) My favorite was the chocolate mustaches (I got the mold from Amazon . There were also piranha plant cake pops, toadstool cupcakes, and the amazing NES controller cake that Cory made.

Most of the ideas came from Pinterest. You can find them on my birthday party ideas board.

Jack had a great time at his party! Happy birthday to my sweet boy and thank you to everyone who helped him celebrate!!!

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