Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Cub Scouts, pumpkin patches, and giveaway winners, oh my!

As promised, the anxiously awaited (by my parents) glimpse into Jack's first month of being a totally adorable Tiger Cub. Let me start by saying that we have done A LOT of Cub Scout stuff in the past month. I am one of the leaders for Jack's den. So far, he has had three meetings, gone on a campout (with just Daddy and him, so that he thought that was kind of a big deal,) and gone to Bobcat Bootcamp. (True story: Every time I tried to say that fast, which was way more times than you would think, I accidentally said Bobcat Boobcamp. Moving on.) The Bootcamp was his favorite. He got to shoot bows and arrows, sling shots, and the Holy Grail of Christmas gifts, a bb gun. He has really been enjoying it, and it's really family oriented, so Harry and Addie have had a lot of fun, too. Here are some pictures of various Cub Scout things.

Last week, we took a couple of pumpkin patch trips. The first trip was just Jack and me. We went to Pumpkin Works on a field trip with his class. Neither of us had been there before, and we had a lot of fun. Jack's favorite part was Pete the talking pumpkin. My favorite part was during the hayride when the farmer gave a long and pretty elaborate explanation of how the wetlands on the farm purify water. (Can you say pollutants, boys and girls?) It was informative, but maybe a little complex for six year olds!

A few days later we went to our favorite pumpkin patch, The Great Pumpkin Patch. It was a playgroup trip, but Cory took the day off work so he could come too! It was a beautiful day, and the kids had tons of fun. Addie was old enough to actually participate this year. She was pretty proud of herself for saying "duck" when she saw the ducks (and the chickens... close enough.)

Some pictures of our pumpkin fun!

And finally... I drew the three winners for the Renuzit Fresh Accents Holiday Air Fresheners. The winners are Jessie B., Holly P., and Stacy E.!!! Holly, I will get yours to you this week. Stacy, I will send yours asap. Jessie, please email or Facebook message me your address, and I will send it to you asap. Enjoy, ladies :)

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