Thursday, September 8, 2011

Kashi review and giveaway!!!

Thanks to the nice people over at Moms Meet and Kashi, I was given some kid friendly goodies to sample, and best of all, share with you! I even "attended" my first webinar, which pretty much makes me a Kashi expert. Right now, they are having a two bite challenge. This means that they are so sure that your kids will love their healthy, all natural snacks at least as much as "other" snacks, that it will only take two bites to convince your kids! It worked at my house!

I was sent three different products to try. The first thing we tried were strawberry cereal bars. These are definitely Jack's new favorite snacks. He is a picky eater, and he totally loves these things. (The rest of us like them too!) They have 3 grams of fiber and whole grains in every bar, but no artificial ingredients. (Yay!) Jack asked if he could have one for dessert tonight. Really.

The next thing we tried was the Cinnamon Harvest cereal. This has become Addie's favorite finger food. She loves them! An unfortunate side effect has been her trailing shredded wheat through the house, but that's not really Kashi's fault ;) It probably has more to do with her eating (smashing) technique.

The last product we tried was the super yummy Peanutty Dark Chocolate Granola Bar. This was my favorite. It is not so little kiddy, that you are embarrassed to be seen eating it, but not too grown up that the kids won't like it. Good for everyone! Here are the kiddos enjoying trying them for the first time!

Now for the part you were waiting for! One lucky person will win six of the Peanutty Dark Chocolate granola bars. (That's like a whole box, but they didn't come in a box. So you'll just get a big handful of granola bars. Sorry if the lack of box bothers you. They still taste good.) To win, just become a follower of the blog and leave a comment on this post saying you want to win. I will draw the winner on Friday, September 16th, using Good luck!


  1. petey loves the trailmix chewey kashi granola bars. and they are really cheap at costco. I WANT TO WIN!!!!

  2. I am thinking they sound like a good tennis snack!!!!!!!

  3. i want to win! :O) i love the giveaway picture at the top and also your sweet taste testers:O) they look very dedicated!


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