Thursday, May 5, 2011

Addie's Birthday Party!

I don't think it's a secret that I really, really, love to plan birthday parties. I have had ideas for Addie's first birthday for a long time. (Okay, since before she was born. Don't judge me!) Fueling my obsession, my equally party-obsessed friend, Stacy, recently told me about The Hostess with the Mostess. She is pretty much my new party planning hero. As soon as I saw her garden party, I knew that I wanted to try to do a scaled down version for Addie's birthday party. (Actually, I would have loved to exactly duplicate it, but I don't think I have the resources or the talent for that!)

I decided to have Addie's party in our backyard with a decoration theme of polka dots and a color scheme of pink, green, and yellow. (This is how her nursery is decorated.) Thankfully, the days of non-stop rain finally ended, and the party day was beautiful. My amazing friend, Steph, asked her awesome husband, Jake, to make this adorable birthday banner.
My wonderful husband, Cory, learned how to make fondant, and made this ridiculously cute cake. (Thanks to Jamie for sharing the fondant recipe she saw on Cut Out and Keep.)
I decided to try my hand at cake pops, since they looked so cute in the pictures from The Hostess with the Mostess. It was a learning experience, and though they weren't perfect, I think they turned out okay for my first try (and for making them at 2 a.m.) I used this cake pop recipe.
My awesome mom helped with the food. Here are a few pictures of the table and the party area. I used a pack of coordinated scrapbook paper to make the penants hanging on the pavillion tent.
And now, (finally!) some pictures of my sweet birthday girl!
Her tutu and cupcake hair clip were made by my friend, Marissa. If you have seen Addie wearing a cute hair clip, chances are Marissa made it. If you are interested in her products, let me know. I'll give you her contact info.
Thank you to everyone who helped make Addie's day so special!
Now, only two and a half months until Jack's birthday! Already, the plans are forming!

And, just so this post doesn't completely neglect Jack and Harry, here is a funny conversation of theirs I overheard last week....
Harry to the clouds: "Stop raining!" Jack to Harry: "What did they say? I think they said no."

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